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Inner Thigh

We get a lot of questions on how to tone up and slim down the inner thigh area, because so many people want a thigh gap!

There are three elements to toning up your inner thigh:

1. Cardio - running, skipping, cycling, cross-trainer, rowing, jumping jacks. Any form of cardiovascular exercise is good for your thighs. For toning and slimming aim to do your chosen form of cardio at a lower intensity for longer. For example if the cardio you do regularly is running, try and increase the amount of time you do it for and decrease the incline - endurance runners are often slimmer than runners who run for shorter time frames but more intensely. A second example would be if your chosen form of cardio was cycling, try to increase your cadence and decrease your resistance. 
This will help slim down your thighs without building muscle.

2. Toning - toning is necessary to weight loss and slimming down, as your body will convert fat to muscle and the burn the excess. Doing a short program (and by short we mean no more than 5-10 minutes) everyday will aid toning and improve fitness and strength. An example of a short inner thigh workout would be 3 sets of the following exercises:
- scissor leg splits: lie on your back and raise your legs to   a ninety degree angle (as if you’re going to reach and   touch your toes), rest your arms on the floor next to   you and open your legs as wide as you can, and hold for   2 seconds, then bring your legs back together. This is   one rep of the scissor leg split, repeat 10-20 times for   one set.

- inner thigh pillow squeeze: sit on a chair with your feet   flat on the floor. Place a pillow in-between your legs and   squeeze as hard as you can, hold for a minute for one   set.

- wall sits: rest against a wall and place your legs at a   ninety degree angle to the wall. Squat, bringing your   legs and butt down to the floor (as low as possible).   Hold for a minute for one set. (for further effect you can   place a soft ball between your legs and squeeze while   you squat. 

- leg lifts: lie on the floor and put your legs in the same   position as you do when doing bicycle crunches. Bring   one leg parallel to the floor and then back to position   one, then move the other in the same way and the back   to original starting position. Repeat 10 times on each leg   (20 in total) for one set. (For a greater effect you can hold your leg at the bottom for a few seconds.) 

- sumo squats: take the usual posture of a regular squat, and then widen your stance and crouch down as low as you can. Make sure your knees do not go over your feet (so your butt is stuck out). Keeping your hands on hips, lift your heels off the floor and back down. Ensure that you are lifting them, not just jumping. Repeat 20+ times, 3 sets.

There are generic quick exercises like squats and jumping squats that will help too! 

3. Lots of time and patience - the inner thigh and the thigh in general is the area that women are most likely to store fat, thus making it one of the hardest areas to lose weight from. Don’t feel dis-encouraged if you don’t see results quickly. These things take time, keep at it and you’ll get there :)

Lots of love, 
Skinny Bitches xxxx